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Butter Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a creamy tomato sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala

Grilled chicken cooked in onion & tomato base sauce

Lamb Rogan Josh

Preparation o f lam b in onions, tom atoes, and yogurt flavored with home...


Layered basmati rice cooked with vegetables with your choice of chicken,...
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Chicken Korma

Chicken cooked in a cashew curry sauce
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Vindaloo Spicy Goan

Delicacy cooked in roasted spices and gravy choice of chicken, lamb, or...
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Chicken Curry

Chicken cooked in onion and spice based curry

Lamb Korma

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in cashew curry sauce
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Saag Gosht

Tender medallions of lamb tem pered with cumin folded into o u r spinach...
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Prawn Masala

Jumbo prawns cooked with onions and tomatoes in rich sauce
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Saag Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken tempered with cumin folded into our spinach tomato...
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Methi Chicken Curry

Chicken co o k ed in fenu greek leaves & spices
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Chilli Fish

Cod fish cooked with onions, peppers in sweet & sour sauce
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Kadai Lamb

Tender cubes o f lamb cooked with green peppers, onions a n d fresh m ...
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Chicken Chettinad

Chicked marinated in paste of coco nut & poppy seeds served with rice &...
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Rarra Gosht Lamb

Keema cooked in crushed onions, mustard seeds & curry leaves & eggs served...
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Prawn and Malai Curry

Prawns in coconut flavored onion curry served in a young coconut with pulao...
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