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Vegetable Samosa

Triangular flaky stuffed vegetable pastries

Vegetable Pakora

Mix vegetables are dipped in a spicy chickpea batter and deep fried and...
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Indian Masala Fries

Fresh cut fries tossed in Indian masala
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Chicken Pakora

Chicken breast dipped in special batter deep fried
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Paneer Fingers

Indian cheese deep fried in chickpea flour batter served with mint sau...
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Lasuni Gobi

Deep fried cauliflower florets in soya garlic sauce
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Fish Pakoras

Cod fish marinated overnight in yogurt & spices deep fried in batter
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Chilli Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked with onions and bell peppers
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Naan Wraps

Tandoori naan bread stuffed with your choice of chicken, lamb, or paneer...
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Honey Chicken