Tandoori Chicken

Chicken marinated overnight in yogurt, spices and grilled in clay oven

Paneer Tikka

Cottage cheese and vegetables kabob marinated then cooked in clay oven

Lamb Sheekh Kabob

Ground lamb mixed with Indian spices grilled in tandoor

Tandoori Prawns

Jumbo prawns marinated in grounded mustard, yogurt and spices cooked in...

Fish Tikka

Cod fish marinated in spices and yogurt grilled in tandoor

Mustard Chicken Tikka

Marinated in grounded mustard, yougurt an spices cooked in clay oven

Kalmi Chicken Kabob

Chicken marinated in roasted chickpea flour & cashew cream cooked in clay...

Malai Tikka

Chicken breast marinated in cashew cream, cheese and white pepper grilled...